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API: bsport x Urban Sports Club

We are happy to announce the launch of the bsport x Urban Sports Club integration today!

The benefits for Urban Sports Club Partner

Partner studios can reduce their administrative workload thanks to the integration:

  • Manage your Urban Sports Club courses
  • Save administrative effort as you no longer have to operate two platforms
  • Generate more bookings
  • No more overbooking of courses possible thanks to automated synchronization
  • Increased reach as Urban Sports Club members can book more easily in the app

Interested partners can register here:

About bsport

bsport offers a comprehensive marketing and management platform that is specially tailored to
boutique fitness studios. The comprehensive set of tools helps partners
scaling their business by simplifying and automating essential processes, personalising marketing and
personalise marketing and seamlessly manage memberships, billing and scheduling. bsport currently works with more than 1,300 studios across Europe. Watch this presentation to learn more about bsport.