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International Women’s Day (Charity-Event)

We celebrated International Women’s Day on 8 March 2024 with a special charity event.

At Urban Sports Club, we are convinced that an active lifestyle not only contributes to our well-being, but can also help to positively influence serious health problems such as breast cancer. That’s why we decided to celebrate International Women’s Day for the third time with a charity event to raise funds for Pink Ribbon Germany, an organization that works to prevent breast cancer. Studies show that an active lifestyle can reduce the risk of developing breast cancer by up to 20%. We not only want to spread this important message, but also actively support it.

Sarah Kuppinger (Club Just Fit Mediapark), Christina Kempkes Press Pink Ribbon Germany, Franziska Müller PR Managerin Urban Sports Club & Christina Bönsch (Club Just Fit Mediapark) (Copyright: Urban Sports Club)

What did we do this year? We decided to test our limits and set an example by keeping the treadmills moving non-stop for eight hours! Together with our partner Just Fit in Cologne’s Mediapark, we tackled this ambitious goal and rewarded every kilometre run with a generous donation of 10 euros. But it wasn’t just about collecting donations. We also wanted to create an opportunity to bring our community closer together. So we split into teams – members against Urban Sports Club staff – and created a friendly competition. The result? 43 participants and an incredible energy that spurred us all on to go above and beyond.

On the left Urban Sports Club employees and on the right Urban Sports Club members with a great view on the media park in Cologne (Copyright: Urban Sports Club)

Our achievement

The result of our commitment and our joint efforts is truly remarkable: together with our members, we covered 179 kilometres in eight hours and raised an impressive 1,790 euros! Out of gratitude for the support and commitment of our community, we decided to round this amount up to 2,000 euros. A result we are all incredibly proud of!

We would also like to thank our generous partners On and Kale & Me for supporting us with this event. Without their help, this achievement would not have been possible.

Our partner On Running provided each of our participants with the latest running shoes to try out! (Copyright: Urban Sports Club)

This charity event was far more than just a sporting challenge. It was a symbol of cohesion, solidarity and the power of community to effect positive change. At Urban Sports Club, we are determined to continue our commitment to promoting active lifestyles and supporting important social causes such as breast cancer prevention.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this special day. Together we have achieved great things and will continue to fight for a healthier and more active world! 💪🏻